Fitting Gloves™-Inzer Advance Designs, for putting on powerlifting gear, bench shirts and powerlifting suits

Fitting Gloves™

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Save your fingers when handling and fitting gear on workout partners or yourself!
The Atlas Fitting Gloves ™ also work great in strongman events!
  • Makes fine-tuning adjustments of tight gear easy and quick.
  • You can just lay your hand on a tight bench shirt and pull because the Atlas Fitting Gloves have a super grip on gear material.
  • Save the skin of your knuckles and fingertips when pulling up the legs of your suit or putting a bench shirt on a buddy.
  • Durable and comfortable.
  • Cotton fabric with thick, grippy, textured latex. These are the best!
  • No other glove anywhere compares to these for gripping and adjusting gear.
  • STRONGMAN COMPETITORS: Atlas Fitting Gloves work great for the tire flip and some other applications as well, saving precious energy and timing. Fitting must be very tight. Size Large fits most tall strongman competitors. XL only for huge hands. See fitting note below.
  • FITTING NOTE: Atlas Fitting Gloves should fit you very tight! Choose one size smaller than you would wear in normal gloves. If in doubt choose smaller. XL should not be chosen unless you have huge hands. A size too large does not work but if you choose a size too small it will still work.