Stickum Spray-Inzer Advance Designs, powerlifting and workout grip spray

Stickum Spray

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Use this excellent tool for a variety of performance tweaks in training and competition.

Can be used as follows:

  • Spray across your back for extra grip of the bar during the squat or to secure your back on the bench for a higher back arch, across your butt to keep it from slipping on the bench, on the bottom of your shoes for wide stance on slippery platforms, etc.
  • Sometimes used on strategic places underneath gear to add grip between material and skin.
  • Many practical uses.
  • Can be removed from skin by washing with soap and water or with towel and rubbing alcohol.
  • Repels perspiration but does not prevent sweating.
  • Works even when wet.

    Mueller Stickum™ Spray. 4 oz. spray bottle.