Inzer Power Knee Sleeves, the most versatile, durable, comfortable knee sleeves. The only Power knee sleeves specifically for powerlifting, crossfit, fitness and bodybuilding knee support.
Inzer Power Sleeves, the best knee sleeves and best fitting for bodybuilding, powerlifting, crossfit and fitness competition and workouts.
Inzer Power Knee Sleeves, expertely detailed, supremely supportive.
Inzer Power Knee Sleeves, the best power knee sleeves for competition and training.

Power Knee Sleeves™

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Inzer Power Knee Sleeves™ are versatile knee sleeves providing a New Level of Performance for a variety of movements.

  • The deluxe premium knee sleeves perfect for achieving PRs in Competition and Training! Power Knee Sleeves are the most versatile neoprene knee sleeves. Built for powerlifting, fitness, strongman and cross functional fitness.
  • Best quality, long lasting neoprene rubber inside for continual compression and spring-back performance
  • Rugged design for all kinds of workouts
  • Protect your knees with Stability and Comfort
  • Outer, tough-skin fabric has minimal stretch
  • Inner fabric keeps sleeves comfortably in place
  • 7mm thick, with double side seams
  • Combines the best rubber neoprene with the best outer and inner fabrics for unmatched performance
  • New user-friendly design eliminates the inconvenience of "left and right" sleeves. Simply grab, put on and enjoy the Power.
  • Approved for all Powerlifting worldwide, including the IPF, USPA, and all federations.
  • Sizing: Measure around knee cap while leg is straight. Sized for competition fit. If you want a snug fit for training, choose one size larger.
  • Guaranteed Best Performing Multi-Functional Knee Sleeves.