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Bench Rocket

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Rocket your bench and achieve all your bench press goals!

  • The patent-pending hybrid system combines the best of both worlds – 1. The top bench shirt chest-plate, collar and material integrated with 2. The ultra-rebound of powerful bands. The result is you’ll blast the bar off your chest and drive it to full lockout with the greatest power. The traditional bench shirt chest-plate, collar and material provide the “stopping power” that pro bench pressers seek combined with the ultra-rebound power-stretch of this unique band system. The control of the bar to the chest and then the surge of power as the barbell gains upward speed is an incredible feeling.
  • EASY to put on and take off by yourself. EASY and comfortable to use!
  • Incredible rebound and support through the full range of motion. Additional benefits of using Bench Rocket include joint protection, increased safety, overall long-term strength gains, more comfort, more control, and the exhilaration of achieving your best bench presses ever!
  • Place the Bench Rocket sleeves near the elbows for the most powerful rebound, or raise the sleeves up for an alternate fit. It’s easy!
  • THSPA and THSWPA approved. Designed for Texas High School Powerlifting. Single-ply. Patent pending.