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Gripper Wrist Wraps™

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Patented wrist wraps that grip and hold in place for your best performance!

  • The Gripper Wrist Wrap series is the highest performing wrist wrap and the safest protection ever.
  • Grips to itself and locks in place. Gripper Wrist Wraps stick to itself for solid wrist and forearm performance.
  • Comfort. Experience full throttle support with more comfort.
  • Versatility. Gripper Wrist Wraps provide all options for personal fit and feel. Since they will not slip, you have more tightness options without your wraps slipping out of place!

Gripper Wrist Wraps are accepted in all powerlifting everywhere including IPF official approval.

PATENTED: 9,011,305; 9,415,256; 9,731,160; 9,895,594; D819,218; D848,558